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Francisca Molero Luque, Dolores Martn Cabrera and Laura Meja Ospina, students of ‘Creative Electronics’, a Beng Electronics Engineering module at the University of Mlaga, School of Telecommunications. We decide to make as final project a derivation of Interactive Geodesic LED Dome.

- NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip
- IR sensors
- 470 Ohm and 10K Ohm resistor
- 47K Ohm potentiometer
- NPN transistor
- 8-channel 74LS151
- Buzzer
- 15W power supply
- Arduino UNO
- Prototype boards
- Cables
- DIP socket
- Push buttons
- Plywood
- Soldering iron, flux and tin
- Spray paint
- Multimeter
- Electric jigsaw machine
- Drill
- Sandpaper”

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