Interactive Geodesic LED Dome

I constructed a geodesic dome consisting of 120 triangles with an LED and sensor at each triangle. Each LED can be addressed individually and each sensor is tuned specifically for a single triangle. The dome is programmed with an Arduino to light up and produce a MIDI signal depending on which triangle you place your hand. I designed the dome to be a fun display that gets people interested in light, electronics, and sound. Because the dome divides nicely into five parts, I designed the dome to have five separate MIDI outputs that can each have a different sound. This makes the dome a giant musical instrument, ideal for playing music with multiple people simultaneously. In addition to playing music, I also programmed the dome for light shows and playing a rendition of Simon and Pong. The final structure is a little more than a meter in diameter and 70cm tall, and is primarily constructed with wood, acrylic, and 3D printed parts. There are several great Instructables on LED tables and cubes that inspired me to start this project. However, I wanted to try arranging the LEDs in a different geometry. I couldn’t think of a better structure for the project than a geodesic dome, which is also well documented on Instructables. So this project is a remix/mashup of LED tables and geodesic domes. Below are links to the LED table and geodesic dome Instructables that I checked out at the beginning of the project.”


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