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DUCO is an open-source, tool switchable robotic system capable of drawing multi-layer circuits on versatile vertical surface. Assembling parts are highly accessible and low cost. It’s inspired by Sandy Noble’s work Polargraph

DUCO is developed for large scale circuits fabrication, but maintaining considerable local precision and resolution. It has default optimal configuration for several drawing substrates - wall paper, glass, wood and etc, also supporting other substrate exploitation.

While linear actuator, laser cutter are well explored in this project, DUCO still have the extensible ability to welcomes all other tools like vinyl cutter and dispenser.

High-level ability
- Two-stepper locomotion system with well set Cartesian-to-polar solution
- Meter size canvas
- Up to 3 tools mounting platform.
- Ink loaded pen based fabrication with good line quality
- Highly user extensible. User can explore any tools, inks and drawing substrates
- Autonomous robotic system with pen switch, pen pressure function enabled
- Enough spare GPIOs. User can develop new functions since only a few pins are occupied”

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