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A group of three students present you PAD HERO, our Arduino based Guitar Hero game. This project was submitted to ‘Creative Electronics’, a Beng Electronics Engineering module at University of Mlaga, School of Telecommunications (
The aim of this Project was to replicate the popular game Guitar hero on Arduino. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible so we gave it the retro/arcade touch it has. The setup uses a SAV MAKER I as a controller, an alternative to Arduino Leonardo, assembled by us.
We hope you enjoy this instructable as we did enjoy making it!

Things inside the PAD HERO:

Addressable led strip (WS2812B or similar 5V addressable) (WS2812B)
1 SAV-MAKER-I (alternative to Arduino Leonardo). If anyone wants to make and use this board instead of using Arduino Leonardo or another board alike, there is the link of github where you will find all the required information to do so.
Big arcade buttons (buttons)
Toggle switch (3 pin switch)
Individual addressable led for buttons (individual WS2812B)
Power supply at least 3 amps (power supply)
Wire suitable for welding
More than 500gr of PLA
Potentiometer (less than 1k Ohm)
Small speaker or buzzer
Assortment of screws (metric 3)
Tools that I used for this build:

Soldering kit
Tin and flux
Instant glue for rigid plastic
3D printer
Hot melt glue to fix microcontroller”

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