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Plant Care With IOT

The COVID-19 epidemic brought with it a new habit - house plants!
the loneliness of lockdown brought people to find a link with nature using house plants.
Such as many others, we started to grow plants too, to make our house a more pleasant to stay in it for a long time.
Our project is meant to make house plant caring a lot more easy and efficient, with the combination of CPX, Inegromat and Blynk.
We deal with four scenarios:
1. First Scenario: a push notification is sent to your smartphone if the temperature around the plant isn’t optimal for them. You can choose how many times a day you want to be notified on this concern.(Step 3)
2. Second Scenario: You can set a watering schedule on google calendar and to be notified from the CPX whenever it’s a watering day.(Step 4)
3. Third Scenario: Lighting is very important for plants to grow, the lighting level measured around the plant will always be displayed on the Blynk app.(Step 5)
4. Fourth Scenario: Each plant thrives in different humidity level. For example, plants that are originated in the tropical areas require high levels of humidity and cactuses require low levels of humidity. Using a weather web site, the CPX is updated once a day with the humidity level expected for this day. The daily humidity level will be displayed on the CPX on demand.(Step 6)
1. Circuit Playground Express Board
2. Blynk Application
3. Access to Inegromat Site.
4. 3 X AAA Batteries
5. Battery Holder
6. Dowland Arduino software”

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