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Piano Metronome

This project was conceived of after I examined the types and styles of various off-the-shelf Metronomes. I am currently learning to play the piano and having a Metronome in order to keep time was necessary. I felt sure that I could build one based on a standard Arduino Uno R3 board. The resultant Metronome has a combined light and sound feature which can be customized to reflect the tempo of the beat. While V1 of the project is complete a V2 is being considered based on some new features such as adding a 18650 Battery shield to allow charging of the batteries via a USB charging cable. I added a simple time display feature in this version, however a future version could include the time in providing a fixed number of beats option.

1. Arduino UNO R3 card and DC Plug, terminal type
2. DS1302 Real Time Clock plus 2032 button battery
3. Two pole switch, coloured wires, PCB female plugs, heatshrink, PCB board, 3mm plastic supports
4. LED plus 330ohm resistor
5. PAM8403 Digital Amplifer 3W
6. Digital Rotary Encoder with central push button
7. 8 Ohm 1W speaker
8. 20 X 4 line LCD screen using IC2 communications
9. 50x90x150mm project box
10. 4 x Neopixel RGB common anode LEDs
11. 2 x Adjustment push on control knobs.
12. 2 * 18650 batteries and twin battery holder
13. two pole switch.
14. a quantity of plastic M3 20mm board supports and 5mm screws
15. Blank PCB board, 20mm x 50mm approx.”

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