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Race through your office at the speed of light! A project inspired by the OpenLEDRace project by @gbarbarov, made at Xing in Barcelona.

This project was made during Hackweek 12 at XING Barcelona as an adaptation of this. It’s basically the LED version of popular racing games like Scalextric with acceleration, friction and players going off track when they are too fast.

- There are two players: red and blue
- The race begins with a random countdown
- Keep pressing the button on the controller to accelerate
- When a player goes too fast it changes color to green or yellow
- Keep going too fast to be “thrown off the track”. When this happens the player’s speed is reset to 0 and the player blinks until it accelerates back to speed 1
- There are 4 laps in a race
- The first player to cross the line at the end of the 4th lap wins
- Press the reset button to start again”

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