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The “ESP Alarm” is a connected alarm with your smart phone via Wi-Fi using ESP8266 module. You can add/modify/delete/activate/deactivate alarms using an Android application when the device is up and connected with the same Wi-Fi network which your phone is connected to. It’s common to set-up alarms using our mobile phones to wake up in the morning—and it’s not unusual to set-up several alarms in an attempt to wake up at a specific time. The problem is that, after we finally wake up, sometimes our phone’s battery is drained during the battle to get up from bed! So I decided to make an “ESP Alarm” device that allows me to set alarms using my smartphone through Wi-Fi and leave the rest to the alarm clock. In simple terms, it’s a Wi-Fi-enabled, IoT alarm clock! This is my second project using the tiny monster ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Check out my first project, “How to Build a Control Circuit with Adjustable Working Time via Wi-Fi” here on AAC.”

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