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In this project, I am going to demonstrate how to build your own IoT aware Postbox with the help of the idIoTware shield in a few easy steps. This postbox alerts you about new envelopes dropped inside a postbox by the mailman. The LDR ( Light Dependent Resistor) on IdIoTWare shield is used as sensor to detect a letter being dropped into the letterbox. The on board WS2812 Led (addressable RGB LED) on IdIoTWare shield is continuously ON (WHITE Color) which acts as a light source, and reflects light onto the LDR. As soon as a letter is dropped into the postbox, there is an interruption in light - the light intensity on LDR changes due to reflection. The Arduino continuously monitors the change in the value of the LDR and when it notices a change in value, it sends an email. Here we are using IFTTT to send a pre configured email. “

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