Hey, guys. Due to our tight schedule, we weren’t able to post any Raspberry Pi video in our channel. So, sorry for that. :(Finally, we are back with a project based on Raspberry Pi and IoT. We have done quite a few projects based on IoT. If you haven’t seen any of then do watch those videos whose links are given below. Now, coming back to this tutorial. We will be making a kind of surveillance camera with some pretty useful features.The camera set up will be attached to a pan-tilt arrangement that will be controlled by two metal gear servos. Now those servos will be controlled wirelessly over the internet. So IoT or Internet Of Things concept will be playing a part here. Similar to our previous home security video, this project will be based on an IoT platform named Cayenne. The video feed will be transmitted over internet or Local network to your display, whether it is a laptop, desktop, or your smartphone. So now you can monitor the condition of your house from anywhere in the world using the internet.”


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