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So I was thinking of making a POV display gadget to decorate my home. As a decorative item, I really didn’t like the fact that all POV display designs I found in the internet used batteries. What about after they run out of juice? Will I actually have to remove my fat ass out of my couch and stop it, take the batteries out or connect a connector to charge it? Most likely it will turn itself off and I’ll never bother to turn it on again. Useless! Well, you get the point. It’s a hassle and that’s why most of these gadgets eventually end up lying around turned off in a garage/deposit. It’s fun for the maker, but I just didn’t want my creation to have such a sad end. So how can we change this? Brushes would work. Hmm… Too noisy, and might fail as well! I wanna go fancier. I wanna defy myself. Let’s transfer the power wirelessly! I made a video (above) showing it working, because I know you want to see it working! Sorry for the camera flicker, this does not appear in reality. That’s a feature of the “slow rotation speed” (24.3 Hz). Unfortunately I couldn’t make it any faster! WARNING: I’m a hardcore hobbyist. All electronics are built from raw parts, no Arduino and no import pre-assembled packs. I also like to engineer as much as possible of the thing I’m making, so I’m sorry if this Instructable is not that easy to follow. I’ll try my best, though!”

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