This outdoor game is the perfect combination of all things summer. Specifically, it combines Frisbee, Glow-in-the-Dark, backyard games, and (most importantly) ice cold beverages. This game goes by many names (Polish Horseshoes, French Darts), but its most endearing title is Beersbee. Before you hop into this project (yes, that was a terrible beer pun [ don’t worry I won’t do it again]), I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the rules of Beersbee. If you haven’t played Beersbee before or would like a refresher on the rules I would recommend reading the Wikipedia article on Polish Horseshoes (here’s a link to the article: ). In a nutshell, two teams of two people take turns tossing the disk at their opponents’ pole in an attempt to knock over the bottle. The LEDs within the pole allow for the outdoor fun to continue after the sun goes down. There are six green LED’s in each pole that are programed to flash in a pattern. A white LED is placed at the top of the pole to make the bottle glow. If the pole or bottle is hit, Piezo sensors will trigger the Ardiuno Nano. The pole will begin flashing and a red LED will turn on. In addition, a Piezo buzzer provides audio feedback.”


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