Sensor Platform Robot With IR Control

Hi thereThis is my electronic robot project that I started because I wanted to learn more about interfacing sensor electronics with microcontrollers as well as build a platform that I could use to test out some of my programs, since it’s always more satisfying to see a program make something move. For perhaps this reason or maybe more, some would like to build this or something similar. Hopefully this instructable will be able to help out with that.Most robots are designed with a purpose and some specifications. I however started with some sensors that I wanted to use and just ended up with this so it’s a bit of a mess. Some parts of this project may get a bit heavy on the theory side but should still be easy enough to follow and you could always read up if you’d like to know more. I definitely recommend that you have some experience working with arduino, at least the basics. I also recommend that you be comfortable working with electronics and applying some basic electronics principles. These are not requirements for this project but it would make it easier. If you are doing some things for the first time you may need to do some extra research but that just means you’ll benefit more from doing this project. I’ll try to leave some further reading links where I can.”


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