Summer comes with increasing heat, as a diligent DIY fan how could I do nothing but just eat ice creamI need to design a small present to you and myself, something cute and interesting, how about a small penguin? Guess that it stands in front of you and winks, sayin‘May I help you?’Besides its look, one of important features is the special penguin step, which makes the robot lovely. Therefore, I stress the wobbly step a lot. Fortunately, I found here comes with chirps when the robot shakes its head, the friction between gear and wooden structure during the working progress. The natural penguin-style sound helps me a lot.Come to check my work!I used to choose normal Arduino UNO as the main board in the beginning. However, Arduino UNO does not have in-built motor drive chip and it is too large, I have to buy an extra motor drive expansion board, which is expensive and hard to connect. Luckily, I found Romeo BLE mini board is so appropriate for my project. The mini board is fully compatible with Aruino UNO and with in-built motor drive chip, small and easy to install. In the result, I chose Romeo BLE mini board as the core board without any hesitation.”


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