Project Supervisor : Teo Shin Jen
This Instructable will show you how to build a quadruped robot from scratch using 3D printed parts and an Arduino UNO.
I was only a year one computer engineering student at Singapore Polytechnic that time when I was doing this small project. Having no prior knowledge of electronics or circuits, I met with many obstacles along the way. Hopefully after reading through my post, you would be able to learn from my mistakes and finally start your own projects. Currently as of writing this, I am already year two. I should have documented it earlier. now i try my best to recall and write it down.
For the micro controller, I am using a Arduino Uno. For the servo moving the legs of the quadrupeds, SG90 9G Mirco Servo is used. Since this was my very first project, all the part were provide by my project supervisor. The idea for this project came from”


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