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Nowadays, it searches to facilitate the life of humans. To obtain it, the human beings try to automate the daily tasks that surround them like: cook, clean, cut vegetables, manage the house, control the car etc.
In this case, the project consists on a robot that is able of pouring beer. Its a simple activity in our life, but this repetitive process can and should be automated. With this robot, we will be able to effortlessly obtain perfect beers.
It can look like a simple project but there is multitude of difficulties that we are in front of: conceptual design, mechanical design, electronic programming, and control. In addition, to design the robot, it is necessary to bear in mind that the components must be easily available and for what type of beer we want to build the robot for.
There were two options: to realize a general robot for all the beers or to realize a robot for a specific type or brand of beer (since every beer possesses a different bottle shape). As the robot name gives in, we decided to make un custom robot that only works with one kind of beer, but in an elegant fashion. We decided to only work with Duvel, one of Belgium’s greatest beer, easily recognisable thanks to its particular bottle shape.
Read this tutorial if you want to make such a robot, and serve perfect Duvels to your friends and family.
Team presentationThis team is composed of Alejandro Tardio Palacios, Astrid Tepie Zepe, Anthony Vande Eede and Elistin Yongmene Foue. We are ULB/VUB/BruFace students, all following the mechatronics course taught by Prof. Bram Vandenborght.
Work organizationTo start anything, a brainstorming is necessary. The purpose here is to familiarize with the project state of the art and the already existing beer robots, so that we can inspire our design on it. We decided to split the project in three main parts:
Mechanical Design by Elistin and Astrid, with the help of Anthony, Electronics by Alejandro, Programming and Control by Anthony.This project was realised in about 2 months. To keep everyone updated, team meetings were planned on a weekly basis.”

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