Have you ever wanted a robot that acts just like a real animal? The ones you can buy are outrageously expensive and not customizable.
Well, you can learn how to make one right here! Not only is it of good quality, but it is also inexpensive and good to gain valuable experience in robotics. It is very simple and easy to make, with easy to obtain materials. I didn’t have any prior experience on making robots or coding, so you can do it too!
My goal and why I did it:
My goal is to make a robot that is relatively inexpensive, acts like a mammal, and easy to build with minimal coding. I’ve been a huge fan of Boston Dynamics, a company that create amazing and versatile robots that can travel over rough terrain and slip on banana peels. I also love dogs and cats, but don’t have the time to care for one. Thus, creating a quadruped robot would allow me to fulfill my dreams of having a robotic pet while being inspired by Boston Dynamics.
Materials (Suggested):

- 12x Servos ($20)
- 1x Arduino (Clones are cheaper) ($9)
- 1x Servo Contoller ($7)
- 1X Battery Pack ($14)
- 1x Wood, plastic, or other material to make legs and base ($4)
- Nuts and Bolts ($10)

Your Total: $64
For just $70 (robot kits found online can be around $100), you can make your own highly customizable robot! Most of them even have free shipping. Just note, though, that I did not test the above parts out myself—I found that there were cheaper components from different producers after I bought my parts. I compiled the above list to show that it is possible make cheap robots without sacrificing quality. If you are buying the parts above, do a lot of research beforehand, as they may work differently. This is what I used instead of corresponding parts:

- 12x Hobbyking Servos ($42+S&H)
- 1x Raspberry Pi 3 ($35)
- 1x Mini Maestro Pololu Servo Driver ($36)

My total: $141+S&H+Materials for Experimenting

Optional Additional Parts:
Camera Module ($14)
Faux fur, clay, or other additional material to dress up robot
Rubber, sponge, or other material as a foot to prevent slipping
Springs for Improved Legs (Altered Design)”


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