ESP32 Solar Weather Station

Get the temperature, humidity and pressure, and display them over the internet; everything is powered by the sun. For my first IoT project I wanted to build a Weather Station and send the data to Small correction: when I decided to open my account in Sparkfun, they were not accepting more connections, so I chose another IoT data collector… The system will be placed on my balcony and will retrieve temperature, humidity and air pressure. The microcontroller selected for this project is the FireBeetle ESP32 IOT Microcontroller supplied by DFRobot. Please check DFRobot wiki page for more info regarding this microcontroller and how to upload the code using Arduino IDE. All the physic parameters are given by the BME280 sensor. Also check the wiki page for some more info. To turn the system completely “wireless” the power necessary is provided by two 6V solar panels that can deliver 2W of power. The cells will be connected in parallel. The energy produce is then be stored in a 3.7V Polymer Lithium Ion Battery with +/- 1000mAh capacity. The Solar Lipo Charger module from DFRobot will be responsible for the energy management.”


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