Hello this is 3DMeister Julius. Enjoy my project and forgive my english!This is an experimental prototype, a manual controlled mechanic 6 axis robot arm. All 6 axis are connected with two pull cables wich are connected to one slide controller. 3 rotation axis and 3 hinge axis, driven by the closed loop cables with the fingers, can turn and lift at the same time.The target of this experiment was to find out more about multi axis robot arm movements, possibilities and fun.You are welcome try this at home, i hope to see enhancements, don’t blame me, there is much that can be done with this schematics, maybe start with only 2 axis.Download and check the 3D model from Grabcad or Thingiverse.https://grabcad.com/library/cable-6-axis-robot-arm…https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2448938Look at recent 6-axis tests, movements with this gadget:https://www.instagram.com/sixaxistoy/Watch how i made this toy.Write a comment and recommend this project to someone who might be interested.”


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