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WiFi Solar Weather Station (v2.0)

In the previous article I described the construction of a weather station based on Arduino using recycled material or anyway present in my laboratory. Appetite comes with eating and I posed a challenge … I realize a super-zero from scratch … .Wireless!
I open the almond-eyed e-commerce site and take my rechargeable credit card …

On the card there were 4.7 euros!
What are you doing? You will say … .but on these sites are a capital! 🙂
Let’s start with the shopping list.

NodeMcu card (cousin of Arduino, you program with the same IDE but has integrated Wireless, 80Mhz of controller and a lot of extra memory)
Solar panel of 6volt 100mA
BME280 Temperature / Humidity / Pressure Sensor
Charge regulator for LiPo cells
There is still a few cents left … also a second solar panel and a second charge controller. Total expenditure 4.6 euros.

In the city I buy a normal electrician box and I get a LiPo battery from a notebook.

After 20 days everything arrives … let’s start welding!

I start with a first configuration: Wifi controller + Charge regulation card (D1 Battery shield) and a DHT11 Temperature Humidity sensor”

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