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WiFi Clock,Timer & Weather Station, Blynk Controlled

This is a Morphing digital clock (thanks to Hari Wiguna for the concept and morphing code), it is also a Analog clock, weather reporting station and kitchen timer.
It is controlled entirely by a Blynk app on your smartphone by WiFi.
The app allows you to:
Display morphing digital clock, day, date, monthDisplay Analog clock, day, date, month
Display upward scrolling weather from and local temp/humidity sensor.
Use a kitchen timer function
NTP server time update with time zone selecter
OTA (over the air) update of firmware
The system firmware described here uses a local server for Blynk utilising a Raspberry Pi, There is plenty of info about how to set this up on the Blynk website.
Downloading of the Local Server software is free and can otentially save you money if you have many Blynk controlled gadgets around your home.
Alternatively you can create an account with Blynk and use thier servers although this will probably cost you a few dollars for the app widgets. There is free ‘energy’ (widgets) when you join Blynk but not enough for this project.
This is quite a complex system involving several wifi systems, server and complex firmware/software.
Assembly and wiring is fairly straightforward but the firmare installation is complicated.
I just hope I remember to tell you all you need to know :)
Study the Bynk website Blynk , you will also need to install the app on your phone.
You will also need to open a free account at to get your api key.
I would not advise a beginner to attempt this project.
Please note this is an entry in the Clocks contest, please vote if you like it.

NodeMCU 12E ESP8266 module
64 x 32 dot matrix display
RTC real time clock module
DHT11 temp/humidity module
Vero board
Some wood for the case (pallet wood will do)
5v 6A power pack
A power In jack (PCB mount)
Some 24/28 gauge insulated wire
16 way ribbon cable (about 300mm), 2 x female DIL sockets and 1 x 6 way DIL socket
16 way DIL ribbon connector male (PCB mount)
2 way terminal block (PCB mount)
female header strips single row (about 40 altogether, assorted lengths)

Soldering station, solder, wire cutters etc.”

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