Too lazy to turn on/off your bedroom light while in the night? or Stuck in the middle of the night searching for your bedroom light switches? Maybe you should try building GLO!
GLO: IoT Smart Light!
Here Comes The Story of How GLO Born
I am such a lazy person, who usually forgets to turn off my room light all the time when I am leaving the room. The light switches are little far away from my bed so it is a little bit hard to turn on /off my room light when I am in the bed, especially in the middle of nights. I am also a fan of colors, everyone like colors, right?!
So, I decided to solve this problem. Maybe you also in search of something that will solve this?!. I came up with an idea and named it ‘GLO’!
GLO Can be set to any colors as you wish. GLO will automatically turn its light ON when anyone’s presence in the room. GLO can automatically turn its light ON when the room gets dark. GLO is capable of sending emergency messages and activates alarm when any intruders breach into your room(in SECURITY MODE) GLO can sense temperature and humidity if temperature or humidity rise rapidly, then it will send emergency messages and will activate the alarm.HOW GLO WORKS:
GLO has three MODES:
GLO will automatically turn on the light when in dark and also in the presence of any person in the room. GLO will get automatically turned off while nobody present in the room or the room is in full of light.
is not ideal in all the time because it depends on the situation. You can turn ON the LIGHT MODE in the GLO if you needed to use it in any condition. you can set the lights to any color as you wish.
When you are not present in your home and busy in enjoying your vacation with your family in somewhere else, GLO will take care of your home from intruders. You can turn ON the SECURITY MODE. When PIR senses motion of any living beings, GLO will send an emergency E-mail and an SMS to you and related recipients and will activate the security alarm built in GLO. If someone pranks you, don’t worry. There is a ‘FALSE SAFE’ button, just tap on it and the alarm will go silent. GLO will also monitor temperature and humidity, if any of them goes wrong then GLO will send emergency messages and will activate the security alarm.
Now, Enjoy making!”


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