This instructables shows how to use a Tic Tac sweet box make a portable WiFi Analyzer.You may find more background in my previous instructables. WiFi Analyzer is very useful in some situations: WiFi everywhere now and 2.4 GHz is still most compatible frequency. At my home and office, I can found over 20 AP SSID but 2.4 GHz only have 11 channels. That means the signal substantially overlapped and interference degrade the network performance. Choose a right channel for your AP is very important. For example, in the above photo snap situation, channel 8 and 9 is much better than others. If you need to use free WiFi in the street, you may choose one with strongest signal strength, but it is not always the fastest network. if you can find a channel with lesser overlapping you should have better experience. For example, in the above photo snap situation, channel 4 and 6 is much better than channel 11. Portable device share file wirelessly by building temporary AP with a random channel. Sometime it may hit a channel that already very busy and transfer file very slow. WiFi Analyzer can help you detect this situation, normally restart the device wireless sharing function can switch to another random channel. If you found other useful situation, leave me a comment. ;>”


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