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This is a beautiful weather station on which data is taken from Opeweathermap site where you can create a free API key

A weather station typically includes sensors that measure various environmental factors, and data collected by these sensors is then utilizes to predict the weather for the next few hours or days. In this case the data is taken from Opeweathermap site where we can create a free API key, so the device contains a minimum number of components.

Some time ago I happened to watch a video with this weather station. The author of this project is Andrey Ushakov, and all credits go to him. He was also provide a link to the code. However, the archive is full of many different versions, and other data. In addition, the code is relatively complex and has too many options, such as the type of microcontroller used, MP3 player, FM radio, support for external sensors, different types of displays, the option of two displays for greater visibility, infrared control, calendar, and many others. It was really hard to navigate through all the code versions, options, and information.”

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