This Project is really special. I bought a MeArm (a popular, easy-to-find, inexpensive and easy-to-assembly Robotic Arm) . After putting everything together, I started with some typical stuff such as making it work with potentiometers in order to pick up some objects. It was nice at the beginning, but I got tired of it , so I decided to move on to something cooler. What I had in mind was to make my MeArm work on its own, detecting objects by itself, picking them up and eventually dropping them to a small bucket. Me just watching!!! In other words, I badly needed some way to tyde up my table once and for all. I started by google-researching similar projects but didn´t find much, so I had to start hardly from scratch. At first glance it seemed a challenging thing to be done, and after getting down to work it turned out to be even harder than expected. The good point: I ended up learning a bunch of things about Arduino and robotics, and it was really fun. And of course, when you see the final result…well, it is worth the effort! If you are interested in doing one of your own, I can save you most of the problems that I had (and believe me, I found a lot of them) and I can provide you with some explanations, tips and my code. With all this stuff, it should be rather straightforward to get there, so get ready and get down to it!”


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