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I was inspired by obstacle avoidance car’s servo’s motion, I thought that it’s motion could be used as sonar’s acutator !

Hello everyone, I was suggested to make a obstacle avoidance car but I thought it to be too common and impractical to make one…, so I thought to make a sonar using the concept of obstacle avoidance car’s servo and HC-SR04 sensor.

I didn’t had a tft lcd screen due to which I didn’t know how to display the sonar’s output.Then I thought to use processing IDE as it enabled to display the sonar’s output on my pc that too with nice resolution ! but as I was new to processing IDE I didn’t know to use it so for practice I used p5 web editor (just for practice) than I used processing Ide and some libraries to read output of sonar and display on pc !

I have attached ultrasonic sensor on servo motor using hot glue gun so that the ultrasonic sensor rotates with servo and covers a range of 180 degrees and then the output whether a object is detected or not is shown on processing IDE and I wrote some more code which accurately displays the distance and angle !”

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