Interactive Plant Mood Detector

The Plant mood detector is an interactive robot, that communicates between a plants and we humans, telling the mood of the plant! We often tend to over-water or under-water our plants, making the plant sad . So, how do we know whether a plant is happy or not? Solving this problem, I present ‘THE INTERACTIVE PLANT MOOD DETECTOR’, providing everybody with a green thumb, whether a professional gardner or just a novice.The interactive plant mood detector display the mood of the plant on it’s LED display in the form of emojis, making it simple and interesting for children or a novice to water his/her plants. It gathers sensor value from the precise soil moisture sensor and converts these signals into emotions such as - Happy, Irritated, Grumpy, or Sad. This device is equipped with a soil moisture sensor which detects and differentiates soil moisture conditions and the micro controller used is Arduino Uno and is powered using a 9V battery. The LED display is a custom display made of eight independent LED’s meant to display the different emotions.It was a short project and took a few days calibrate and completing it.”


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