An Arduino powered floppy disk controller and reader for making disk images from old AmigaDOS floppy disks. I owe my career to the Amiga, specifically the A500+ that my parents purchased for me for Christmas at the age of 10. At first I played the games, but after a while I started getting curious about what else it could do. I played with the Deluxe Paint III and learnt about Workbench. Every month I purchased the popular Amiga Format magazine. One month had a free copy of AMOS. I entered the Amiga Format Write A Game In AMOS competition when AMOS Professional was put on a coverdisk later, and was one of the 12 (I think) winners with In The Pipe Line. You really had to chase them for prizes though! Moving on, I used it as part of my GCSEs and A-Level projects (thanks to Highspeed Pascal, which was compatible with Turbo Pascal on the PC) Anyway, that was a long time ago, and I have boxes of disks, and an A500+ that doesn’t work anymore, so I thought about backing those disks up onto my computer, for both preservation and nostalgia. The Amiga Forever website has an excellent list of options that include hardware, and abusing two floppy drives in a PC - Sadly none of these were an option with modern hardware, and the KryoFlux/Catweasel controllers are too expensive. I was really surprised that most of it was closed source. Massively into electronics and having played with Atmel devices (AT89C4051) whilst at University I decided to take a look at the Arduino (credit to GreatScott for the inspiration showing just how easy it is to get started) I wondered if this was possible. So I Googled for Arduino floppy drive reading code, and after skipping all of the projects that abused the drive to play music, I didn’t really find any solutions. I found a few discussions in a few groups suggesting it wouldn’t be possible. I did find a project based around an FPGA which was very interesting reading, but not the direction I wanted to go, so the only option was to build a solution myself.”


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