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Building an FM Transmitter and broadcasting our own signals on the air is really a fun project to do. Especially, with this circuit since it does not require you to wound your own inductor or use a trimmer and spend hours in tuning your circuit to make it work properly. In this project you will learn How an FM Transmitter Works and how you can build your own with subtle components. We are adapting the circuit given by Tony Van Roon given in the book “Circuits for Hobbyists” (Page 75). This is an excellent book to start with if you want to do some tinkering with electronics. Note: Generating Frequencies that could affect your FM band or any other communication band might be considered against the law in your country. Kindly use this circuit for education purpose only and make sure your signal is not too strong to disrupt any communication near you. For any mishaps neither the website nor the author can be held responsible.”

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