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The SN74LS13 is a 4-Input NAND gate Positive Dual Schmitt trigger, meaning it has two Schmitt triggers inside it and each Schmitt trigger has 4-inputs. These 4-inputs are processed through a NAND gate and then the final output is given to the Schmitt trigger. A Schmitt trigger is used to avoid the problem of hysteresis. It can also be used to smoothen a noisy signal into sharp one. With schmitt trigger gate, we can convert sinusoidal or triangular wave to square wave. It can also be used as a logic inverter if needed. Moreover, a Schmitt trigger is also useful for debouncing multiple push buttons or other noisy input devices. The IC belongs to the legendary 74 series and has been used extensively in many circuits like FM transmitter circuit, single input LED control circuits are few to name. Since the input is through a 4-Input NAND gate this IC can be used for lots creative applications, like generating various waveforms, oscillatory circuits and much more. So if you are looking for a 4-Input NAND gate Schmitt trigger then this IC might be of interest to you.

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