Brady* the Ultrasonic Warning System for the Visually Impaired

This ultrasonic detector is aimed at helping visually impaired people get around with as little problems as possible. The idea is that the person will clip this onto one of their pockets and while walking, from a certain distance, it will buzz in order to keep the person from hitting something. The compact design houses an Arduino Nano, two 240 mAh batteries, a switch, a buzzer and a charging unit. The design also allows for it to be clipped on to either your shirt’s or pants’ pocket for easy access and use. The two piece enclosure doesn’t require supports and prints easily in only a few hours. The enclosure is also small enough to fit most printers. The clip that is printed separately is then glued to the slot on the top enclosure. Also note that the tolerances are tight and will only work on a well calibrated design, so if requested I will release a high tolerance version.”


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