You’re going to die someday! But that’s okay, so am I :)I think a near constant awareness of one’s own mortality is an inspiring, motivating, (soul-crushing), and ultimately perspective-focusing endeavor that everybody should undertake. That’s why I made a wearable to help me! In short, it’s a wrist-worn Adafruit Circuit Playground that displays a randomly generated (but statistically informed) number of days I have left to live. Fun!Basic premise is: it operates on code that randomly generates these days based on an actuarial table I found that gave me the probability I would die in various age blocks. So every now and then it’ll change — one day it’ll say I have 23,454 days left, another only 19. And it’s all on a randomized timer as well, so I never know when it’ll change, allowing it to catch me off guard and hopefully make me shift perspective in that …”


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