Mini WiFi/BLE 4WD robot platform

A compact & modular WiFi/BLE controlled 4WD robot platform with all required sensors The WiFi capabilities of the new micros as ESP8266 or ESP32 invite to create to build easy to control robots. The aim of this platform is to have a compact sized module, contain all basic functions as a base for a big variety of robot such as tanks, fire truck, line follower, …….. And as particular mechanical parts often are difficult to get it’s all based on 3D printed parts. The general idea is a LiPo battery on which a driver & a controller module sits, this includes all basic internal sensors. It is screwed into a housing which hosts the sensors needs to “see the surroundings” (proximity) and hold the wheels. On the front, the rear and top are electrical connections and nuts to attach further sensors or actors. Between controller module and housing all connections are plugged which allows the robot to disassemble if it is required. As controller board an ESP32 Thing board is used this can be programmed by the Arduino IDE and allows even OTA updates. It isn’t the cheapest but offers a compact size and includes a LiPo charging capability (Which I managed to blow off by attaching the LiPo in reverse polarity L). As sensors the robot contain a BN0 055 absolute orientation sensor, a rotation encoder for both sides, four proximity sensors in the bottom (line follower, gap detection) and an APDS-9930 proximity sensor in the front to “see” obstacles. Of course a beeper and 2 head light LED’s are not missed either.”


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