Fox Advisor

Smart Box to improve customer satisfaction in restaurants which allows clients to rate the service via Sigfox and ThingSpeak IoT platform

Fox Advisor: a rating a day keeps the failure away
Fox Advisor is a Sigfox-based project to be used in restaurants and franchises. It consists of a Smart Box (governed by Arduino MKR FOX 1200) installed in the centre of the table which improves the customer satisfaction by enabling direct feedback from clients to restaurant managers and other possible clients on the Internet. Fox Advisor uses the global Sigfox Network to send customers’ ratings to Sigfox-backend and, there, a custom HTTP callback sends these data to ThingSpeak IoT platform, incluying relevant information such as restaurant identifier or location.

Benefits for customers and restaurants
The most remarkable advantages of Fox Advisor are:

- 140 packets per table is more than sufficient to send the variety of customer feedback generated along a whole day. Sigfox can increase the added value of the restaurant thanks to its low power consumption.
- Sigfox provides global coverage for entire countries, which allows restaurants located in both urban and rural areas to use the Fox Advisor rating platform with no wireless constraints.
- A straightforward interface allows customers to cooperate with the Smart Table, being able to control specific parameters of the table such as luminosity. ThingSpeak provides a visual interface to store the opinion of each customer.
- This project encourages socially-sustainable businesses thanks to the allergy indication RGB LED, among others. It maintains the personnel informed about customers’ special requirements with no need to make them feel uncomfortable talking about food intolerances. Additionally, clients can press a simple button to activate the notification LED and receive assistance from the personnel, ask for the check, etc.
How does it work?
Eating in a restaurant never was that funny! Improve user experience using Fox Advisor. It consists of a Smart Box located in the centre of a table, specifically developed to be used in restaurants and franchises. The following functionalities have been developed:

- Light adjustment: customers have a straightforward interface to control a LED strip and adapt the light level of their table.
- Allergy indication: each Smart Table includes a RGB LED which allows them to indicate any kind of allergy or intolerance. Through the panel, each customer can select a kind of special diet and a RGB LED will be immediately switched on to advise the personnel of the restaurant with no need to provide additional explanations. The colour code for diet requirements is: pink (gluten-free), blue (lactose-free), orange (sugar-free), yellow (vegetarian) and green (vegan).
- Staff notification: customers can press a button to switch on the red LED of the table, which will trigger an alarm to notify the restaurant staff about a special request.
- Rating: customers are able to rate the restaurant using the panel located at the centre of the table by answering three short questions: Service quality (0-5), Food quality (0-5), Did you enjoy? (0-5). The results are sent to Sigfox-backend and, there, a custom HTTP callback sends them to ThingSpeak IoT platform to provide a visual statistic representing the opinion of the last customers.”


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