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Escape Room Decoder Box

Escape Rooms are awesomely fun activities which are highly engaging and great for teamwork.
Have you ever thought about creating your own Escape Room? Well with this decoder box you can be well on your way! Even better have you thought about using escape rooms in education? We have and students love using them to learn, revise and engage with the material.

This escape room decoder has the following features:

3 Rounds of codes with arbitrary length (1-8 digits)
Configurable count-down timer
Automated clue delivery (every 5 minutes)
Configurable wrong-answer penalties
In-game sound effects
To complete this project you will need the following parts:


- 4x Bolt M3 25mm
- 3x Bolt M3 14mm
- 4x Bolt M3 6mm
- 4x M3 Standoff 6mm
- 5x Lock Nut M3
- 4x Knurled Nut M3
- 3AAA Battery holder with leads
- Key Switch
- Dupont 2-way crimp connector (for battery holder)
- 9x Jumper Wires (F-F) 20cm


- 1x 10K Trimpot
- 1x Arduino Nano
- Speaker
- LCD Screen
- Keypad
- 2x 7Way Single IDC Header
- 1x 7Way Dual IDC Header

Fabricated Parts (3D Printed/Laser Cut):

- 3D Printed Enclosure
- 3D Printed Keypad Bracket
- 3D Printed or lasercut LCD bracket
- 3D Printed or lasercut faceplate”

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