I work with addressable LEDs a lot. For all that they’re great for, they’re kind of hard to debug when you have a lot of them connected up at once. This is especially apparent when you have many small single modules in hard to reach spaces.

This lets me set the color and number of LEDs in a strip, and then displays a color pattern. This way I can tell if an LED has become disconnected in a strip, or if a channel inside a particular has died.

Select LED type with the type switch, 4 positions
Can test up to 400 LEDs at a time, if you can find a worthy power supply
3 Test modes
RGB – 1 second red, 1 second green, 1 second blue
HUE – Lock strip at HSV (x, 255, 255) and x loops from 0-255
WHTE – Set the strip to RGB(255, 255, 255)
Count and Mode are saved into eeprom, so you don’t have to keep resetting the strip if it powers off
Wall mount fittings
Design Explanation
All of the raw code solidworks, and KiCAD have been posted on my github. You can look at the 3D models on thingiverse as well.”


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