Solder Reflow Oven (for Less Than $100)

A solder reflow oven is a very useful piece of equipment for boards with a large quantity of surface mount components or making batches of surface mount boards. The reason that I made this was because I had to make several boards containing around twenty parts each. It was too much of a pain to try and solder them by hand, considering all I own is a convention soldering iron. Looking around I saw that actual solder ovens were out of my budget, so I ended up modifying a twenty dollar toaster oven from Amazon. All in all this cost me about $50 to make, and I was able to use parts that I already had sitting around. It made my life much easier to be able to use the oven to do the soldering instead of a traditional iron. Work that would have probably taken me around 3-4 hours was able to be done in only around 20-30 minutes. I got the idea from an old Sparkfun post that was trying to do something similar, but ended up being abandoned in 2006 and becoming nothing more than a concept. If anyone is interested in that post here it is. I used this in my Faux-Nixie clock since the boards were such a massive pain in the butt to do by hand.”


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