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Monopoly RFID Automated Bank

This project was created with the already existing electronic bank monopoly in mind. It uses an arduino uno and rfid to operate. Moreover it is equiped with an lcd and a keypad for navigation. I did make it using a 3d printer but if you do not have acces to one it is ok since the housing could be manufacture with different materials and means. From my experience from using it, it makes the game not only more fun but quicker and less messy. In this tutorial i will so you how to programm the arduino how to wire the components and how to put it all together.
Disclaimer: English is not my first language and I do not have a degree in engineering whatsoever. Electronics is my hobby and that’s why I’m providing every piece of information that went into developing this project.
If you have any questions or problems feel free to ask at the comments.
If you think that I’ve made a mistake and you want to improve my design you can inform me from the comments.
Supplies:For this project you will need:
an arduino uno_
an rfid reader ( I used RC522)

LCD screen 16x2 with serial interface_
flexible keypad 4x4


3d printer_
stl files(
M3 screws with nuts various sizes

*6 RFID cards and 1 rfid tag”

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