What’s a photography turntable?
Photography turntables are round docks used by photographers to take images or videos of objects or people in 360°. The idea is that the object itself sits in the exact middle of the plate, while it spins, either manually or automatically, so you can get a good shot of the product from every angle.
Why we built it?
Sometimes we need to take images of the components we add to circuito.io, and a photography turntable is useful for taking pack-shots from different angles. Also, we like to take good photos of the circuits and projects we build. Plus, it’s a cool project!
What’s special about this photography turntable?
It’s Automatic – the photography turntable is fully automatic, meaning that you don’t have to spin the table or click your camera
Camera-table Sync – programmed to trigger both table and turntable (only for Cannon at the moment, sorry Nikon). Once you push the button, it both turns and triggers the camera, so you can sit and relax
Accurate and easy to setup – we used a stepper motor which gives you much higher accuracy and control over the angle you want to shoot”


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