Weather Camera Raspberry Pi

A while back I wanted a project that combined the following:
Raspberry PiPython CodeLive statusIndications of activitySo I decided to build a Raspberry Pi box that would take photos of my backyard at scheduled intervals, indicate when the photos were being taken, and finally push that information out to Twitter for review.
List of electrical supplies:
Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi breakout board (for LED indication)5 inch LCD for interactive display when neededRaspberry Pi Camera (5 megapixel)HDMI cableCAT 5 cableDC power pack for the Pi24-26 gauge wire or jumpers3 LEDs3 10-100 Ohm resistors2 position push button switchList of case supplies:
1/4 pine panels cut to size of the projectTop, Bottom, and Front and Back are made from the same type of wood in my example1/4 by 1-inch wide pine boards were used to make the left and right sides of the case.Brace for window mount was made from scraps I had in the workshop.Misc:
Screws for caseHot glue for mountingSolder and flux for resistor / LED connectionsTools:
Miter or table sawJig Saw or DremelSander or oscillating tool with sanding head Soldering gunWood burnerRasps, Files, Chisels as needed to make the smaller holes in the case.”


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