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Automatic Arduino Pet Feeder - 3D Printed (With Stepper Motor)

I made an automatic 3D Printed Pet Feeder (or just dispenser, but I use it to feed my dog). I 3D modelled all that project. U can print it by yourself. All parts are down there.

Basically how it works, is u type in two Feeding Times, for example 8:30 and 17:30, then when time is right stepper motor enables and feeds your little pet.

Electric Components:

- Stepper Motor NEMA17 - 42HB34F08AB
- Stepper Motor Driver A4988
- Arduino UNO
- Arduino Keypad 4x4
- RTC DS3231 Clock
- LCD Display 16x2
- Step Down Module (I used LM2596S DC/DC) 12V to 5V
- 12V Power Supply
- a lot of wires”

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