Leather Cube Lamp

Dear Instructables Community,
My name is Andrew Sapala and I would like to share with you how I built my leather cube lamp.
I was inspired by Lemarchand’s Box from the Hellraiser films by Clive Barker. The project was for a lamp proposal for my Computational Craft’s Midterm taught by Liza Stark at Parsons in NYC. Before we begin I would like to give you a material breakdown for the project.
Cardboard Scrap metal rods 15-18 LED lights Black Leather Alligator clips Four AA batteries in power case as Arduino power source 3 volt battery Box-cutting knife 1/4 inch copper tape Conductive fabric Lead-free solder Solder gun Arduino UNO board Breadboard (preferably small) Colored pin wires (12) Hot Glue + Glue gun Thin metal cloth pinsI will walk you through how I created the cube in bite-sized chunks. If you have any questions about the project please leave me a comment and I will respond promptly.”


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