An LED pixel based artwork designed to demonstrate the potential of NLED controllers and software. Built around a scavenged light fixture made of soldered bronze and glass, probably dating to the 70s. Combined with standard APA102 pixel strip, a custom hexagon shaped APA102 pixel LED panel, a Pixel Controller Electron, and a ESP8266 WiFi module with addon card. There is a total of 132x APA102 pixels within the fixture all being controlled interdependently. The color sequences are created in NLED Aurora Control software, and then uploaded to the pixel controller, either over USB or WiFi. The controller can run the stored sequences whenever it is powered up, without a computer connection, in what is called stand-alone mode. The Aurora software allows the different aspects and positions of the pixels to be programmed into the software and used to create the color sequences that the fixture will run. No complicated protocols, transmitters, or additional software required to interface with the controller. And the NLED Aurora Control software is free to anyone with NLED controllers.”


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