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Home Security With Embedded System

Hello Readers,
This is an Instructables for constructing an Home Security System unlike every other Security system. This system has an improved feature TRAP and PANIC Mode Connecting Victim home’s owner, neighbour and Police station over network.In this project I’m demonstrating the whole project over Intranet (Closed area Network) not over Internet its your wish if you want to do the same over Internet..
PANIC MODE: (Existing System) When Intruder is detected by the Ultrasonic Sensor. the lights of the home and the buzzer will be blown up resulting the intruder panic and send a SMS notification to the Victim home’s owner and his/her neighbour and a Temporary web will be hosted which holds some information about the trespass like at what time the intruder trespass, Time elapsed after the trespass and a input field where the home owner can enter PIN to deactivate the buzzer and home lights remotely.
TRAP MODE:(Proposed System) When the Intruder is detected Buzzer and Lights will not blow up.instead a SMS notification containing IP Address will be sent to police station by clicking to the IP Address a web wage will open where police can get the information like Time of trespass, Elapsed time from trespass and address of the victim home and a static google map direction from police station to victim home.And a SMS notification to neighbor and home owner will also be sent.”

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