This is an easy to build pet feeder with 2 timers and accurate portions delivered each time.

Why another Pet Feeder?
My version of a pet feeder is based on an Arduino microcontroller. The materials used are relatively cheap and I think it’s easy to build!

Of course there are many version around but I could not find a complete project, ready to build with the features I needed so I started from scratch.

These are the features:

- Accurate portions delivered each time! (by using a Hall sensor)
- Two feeding times a day
- Extremely accurate Real Time Clock (Only with genuine DS3231 chip)
- You can cancel an upcoming feeding individually for both timers with display and Led indicator. Cancelling is automatically reset after the set time has passed.
- Manual feed function (one portion per button press)
- Adjustable portions for each of the two feeding times (1-9 portions)
- Overview of all set parameters in the main screen
- Easy to navigate menu system
- LED indication if feeding was successful
- LCD backlight timer (off after 30 sec, on with any button press)
- Time and other settings are safely stored in memory (EEPROM)”


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