DUO BOT : the First of Its Kind**

Hi guys !! This is my very FIRSTINSTRUCTABLE . Truly speaking , I decided to compile this project as I wanted to take part in the Instructable contest .
At first I was confused on what would be best for my project as I wanted something new………….something special . Even after putting much effort, I could not get upto something. I strolled the web a several times but found nothing new. But one day, all of a sudden, while sitting in my classroom , I got an Idea. ” What if I combine two ideas into one ” . Thus I came up with this Idea.
Originally, the idea of the DUO BOT was something different but due to the lack of time for testing, I decided to try my Idea with something basic i.e. a combination of Obstacle Avoiding bot & a Bluetooth controlled bot. And to my luck , the Idea worked very well.
Here’s the Instructable describing it ……”


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