General Purpose Arm – Robot that Transfers Physical Sensations

Researchers at the Faculty of Science and Technology have developed a high precision robot that transfers physical sensations back to the user. Called the General Purpose Arm, it was developed in collaboration with the Haptics Research Center.

The technology was announced at a press conference with a demonstration on September 28 at Keio’s Yagami Campus, which is the home to the Faculty of Science and Technology. Assistant Professor Takahiro Nozaki, who is affiliated to the Department of System Design Engineering, explained the technology which transfers not only sight and sound back to the user, but also touch and movement. This could have many different applications including manufacturing, farming, medicine, and nursing care.

Professor Toshiyuki Murakami, also of the Department of System Design Engineering and Professor Kouhei Ohnishi, the Director of the Haptics Research Center, was also present to field questions to a roomful of reporters and science communicators.”


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