A robotic vacuum made to help the elderly. We used Drawing Route for Car on the Office’s Map (made by phpoc_man).

This project is not completed. There is a reason why we do not use a joystick. Our team wanted to make this vacuum for patients with Parkinson’s disease. This disease makes the muscles difficult to move. The cause of the disease is also unknown. Anyway, we thought the people with Parkinson’s disease is hard to control this car with joystick. It was the touch that came out as an alternative to the joystick. To touch the screen is more intuitive and simpler. Please let me know if you have a better idea.

Before we start
We need a room map that is proportional to the actual size. We recommend that you resize the map to fit your mobile size. The first position and orientation of the robot should be set to the first position programmed. This doesn’t use GPS. Compares the current location with the point where the screen is touched, and sets the direction and movement distance. So there are many numbers ​​to set.

If you use this, you must use PHPoC Stepper Motor Controller (T-type). (I thought it was possible without it at first, but it is impossible. So this is expensive to make.) If you have any problems, go to this web site http://www.phpoc.com/forum/ or https://www.hackster.io/phpoc_man/drawing-route-for-car-on-the-office-s-map-0c356d.

Materials needed: map, step motor, step motor controller, PHPOC blue and a battery for the motor.”


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