Creators:Deepika Dipesh, Ebba Tornrhielm, Jenny Hanell & Xiangyi Wu
What is Sphaera?Sphaera is inspired by the traditional crystal ball that gives the user a glimpse into the future. However, instead of foretelling big happenings in life, Sphaera reveals the weather forecast for the next twelve hours. It is designed to be a stationary artifact in the home environment, such as in the hallway, and can preferably be placed upon a drawer to ease interacting with it.
How does it work?
While interacting with Sphaera, the weather is projected as a hologram inside the glass globe. In order for the hologram to be visible without placing the globe in total darkness, half of the globe is painted in pure black. Five photoresistors are placed inside the globe and each one of them has its own functionality. For example, the current weather will be projected when covering the first one, while the forecast will be projected when covering the other four, where each one adds on +3 hours in time. If there is any question regarding the functionality, an instruction hologram could be projected at any time by pressing a button placed on the base.
What you need:
Raspberry Pi 3 (model B) + keyboard, mouse and micro SD card A glass globe in preferred size A round piece of rather soft plastic (to be placed inside the globe for the hologram effect), the size depends on the size (diameter) of the glass globe. Fabric (~11 meter) LCD screen + HDMI cable & potential adapter (e.g. DVI/VGA) 5 CdS photocells4 1uf capacitors1 push buttonBreadboard + chords and heat shrink tubes Conductive thread (~10 meters) 9 tiny pieces of black sponge (21cm) A cardboard box (big enough to fit the screen) Scissor Items to stabilize the screen inside the box such as cellplast Bluetooth speakerObserve: The items listed may be exchanged and any microcontroller with an intern/extern WiFi module may work, however, for this project the items above were used.”


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