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The IR Communication robots are a swarm and will work around the physical barrier making communication between the surface and underneath the surface possible. The robots are capable of signaling a red, yellow, or green LED individually. Red signifies that a zone is dangerous. Yellow signifies that a zone is to passable with caution. Green means that the zone is most likely for a rescuer to revisit for survivors. This will enable the survivors to be closer together and more probable to being rescued because the rescuers will have a better knowledge of where the survivors are located.
In a search and rescue emergency, solid, large materials such as concrete blocks block radio and other transmission signals. Because of the large materials, any rescue robots underneath the rubble cannot communicate to the surface. As a result, rescuers must guess as to where potential survivors are based on blueprints of the building and words from survivors. Because the survivors are often missed, many survivors perish due to extended time beneath the rubble.”

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